” The vegan Warsaw you don’t expect!”

Warsaw was a surprising experience. Unlike what you might think is a city full of interesting places and things to do. Vegan choice has also been wider than what we’ve expected. That’s why I chose 7 places to eat vegan in Warsaw!

Leggilo in Italiano!

1 Vege Bistro

Kopernika 25

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A bistro serving totally vegan traditional Polish food. You can’t miss pierogi!

2 Chwast Food

Ludwika Waryńskiego 9a

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Here you can compose your burger as much as you prefer. Delicious and healthy!

3 Edamame Vegan Sushi

Wilcza 11

Vegan and super colorful sushi. Couldn’t miss it in my list of the best places to eat vegan in Warsaw!

4 Hocio Vegan Hot Dogs

Skwer im. Tadeusza Kahla

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A truck selling delicious vegan hot dogs. Nothing to add!

5 Vegan Ramen Shop

Finlandzka 12 a

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A picturesque restaurant offering vegan ramen, not to be missed!

6 Mango Vegan Street Food

Złota 11

Delicious mango-based dishes including: burgers, hummus, salads and more!

7 N’Ice Cream Factory

Chmielna 9/5

A high-tech ice cream shop with a wide vegan proposal. Delicious to the last teaspoon!

Have you tried one of these restaurants or do you have more to propose?
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Self-taught kitchen enthusiast from Ukraine. Loves to read and veganize / invent recipes. Vegan for animals, believes that the most important change occurs within ourselves. She decided to create this blog with Youcef to show that the vegan lifestyle is anything but full of renunciations!

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