The vegan Milan you don’t know!

We are lucky to live in a city as big as Milan. In fact it’s easy to find completely vegan places, or who offers a valid vegetable option. I’ve chosen 10 places you can’t lose. Here’s to you where to eat vegan in Milan!

Leggilo in Italiano!

1 Veg-MI Trike

Via Marconi (near the Museo del Novecento, in front of Duomo)


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A kiosk that sells delicious vegan fast food, open every day mainly at lunch time (you can check his schedule on his Instagram). His hot dog will blow your mind!

2 Radicetonda

Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 16/Piazza Buozzi Bruno, 5

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Different proposal every day of organic dishes made with seasonal ingredients. Not to be missed!

3 Il Papiro

Via Fratelli Bressan, 11


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A Pizzeria offering over 10 types of vegan pizza. You’ll fall in love!

4 V3raw

Via Lazzaro Spallanzani ang. Regina Giovanna, 16

A delicious cafe serving cold pressed juices, frozen yogurt and bowls of fruit and cereals. For fresh food lovers!

5 Macha Cafe

Viale Francesco Crispi, 15

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Are you a matcha lover? This is the place for you. Plus you can find sushi bowls, pancakes and fruit bowls!

6 Flower Burger

Viale Vittorio Veneto, 10/Via Tortona, 12

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Here you will find delicious and colorful vegan burgers accompanied by paprika flavoured potatoes!

7 Veganfruttariano

Via Ignazio Ciaia, 4


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A lively restaurant / bar where you can enjoy Italian dishes, drinks and enjoy good music!

8 Açai Sisters

Via Gian Carlo Castelbarco, 17

Here you will find acai bowls, extracts and fresh dishes, perfect for breakfast and brunch!

9 Molto Yin

Via Gian Antonio Boltraffio, 12

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Delicious macrobiotic food to nourish body and soul! Couldn’t miss in my list of places to eat vegan in Milan!

10 Judo Sushi

Via Beato Angelico, 29


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In addition to the classic menu, this restaurant offers a total vegan. Don’t lose if you’re a sushi fanatic!

Have you tried one of these restaurants or do you have more to propose?
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