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Krakow was really a pleasant surprise. It’s quite small as a city, but all to be explored. Between the beautiful hamlet that is the center, the Jewish quarter and the Vistula river you never get bored. But the most interesting thing is the vast choice regarding the vegan world.

In fact, we were pleasantly surprised to discover so many vegan restaurants or places that have very good vegetable options, such as Costa Cafe (which becomes a valid shelter from sudden snowfalls) which, in addition to sandwiches, offers a lot of alternatives to cow’s milk. As always it’s been hard, but in the end, I have selected for you 7 places where to eat vegan in Krakow that you absolutely can’t miss!

Leggilo in Italiano!

1. Krowarzywa

Slawkowska, 8

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It’s one of the best places to eat vegan in Krakow. Fresh and good food, without ever abandoning typically Polish flavors and ingredients. From hot dogs to salads, everything is satisfying for both eyes and stomach. What can’t you absolutely miss? One of their bowl with fresh vegetables, millet, and feta type fresh cheese.

2. Bezmleczny

Slaska, 2

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It’s a very small but comfortable and welcoming restaurant. They serve typically Polish food revisited in a vegan key and it’s crazy.
They offer a menu with soup and a dish of your choice that changes every day, everything is cooked in a homemade style and with a lot of love, all this accompanied by a friendly and easy going staff.
Nothing better on a cold winter day!

3. Vegab

Starowislna, 6

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If you are a lover of street food, generous portions and strong flavors, we’ve found the right place for you!
Vegab offers different types of kebab style wraps, all 100% vegan and there’s something for everyone. You can also choose if you have your kebab in the “big” format, and trust me, it’s really great. Don’t miss their coconut-cocoa cake, absolutely delicious!

4. Zaczyn

Barska, 4

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Zaczyn is a completely vegan bakery that offers a vast array of desserts (and even savory, but above all sweet) and they’re incredible!
The only flaw is the slightly uncomfortable time (closes at 3pm), but it’s still great for a breakfast/brunch which gives the charge. This couldn’t miss in my list of places to eat vegan in Krakow!

5. Veganic

Dolnych Mlynow, 10

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It’s a vegetarian/vegan restaurant offering a kind of chic but absolutely delicious cuisine. The menu always changes offering dishes cooked with seasonal ingredients. Don’t miss their delicious cakes!

6. Smaki Roslinne

Smolensk, 27

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Smaki Roslinne is a small bistro and cozy bistro with a 100% vegetable proposal with typically Polish dishes, both savory and sweet. The whole is so harmonious and warm that you can’t help but fall in love with this place!

7. Pierogowy Raj

Slawkowska, 25

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“Pierogowy Raj” in Polish means “the paradise of pierogi” and there’s no question as to why. This restaurant is not 100% vegan but it still has some delicious plant based proposals, such as pierogi with mushrooms, those with potatoes, those with cabbage … in short, it’s the right place if you want to try the most famous Polish dish, of course accompanied by a few wòdka shots!

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