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Writing this article was difficult. In Berlin we have never had an empty belly, there are vegan options even in neighborhood markets. Here is the selection of (unmissable) places where to eat vegan in Berlin!

Leggilo in Italiano!

1 Yoyo Foodworld 

Gärtnerstraße 27, 10245 Berlin, Germany

At the first position of places where to eat vegan in Berlin there is definitely Yoyo Foodworld!
It offers a wide menu of vegan junk food of all kinds: from burger to pizza, from hot dogs to gyros. Unmissable!

2 Kiez Vegan

Körtestraße 22, 10967 Berlin, Germany

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Kiez Vegan is a kurdish-style rotisserie with 100 % vegetable and homemade products. Delicious food, huge portions and very nice owners, couldn’t miss in places where to eat vegan in Berlin!

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3 Brammibal’s Donuts

Maybachufer 8, 12047 Berlin, Germany

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A 100 % vegan coffee shop offering at least 10 different types of donuts every day.
Absolutely unmissable!

4 La Stella Nera 

Leykestraße 18, 12053 Berlin, Germany

La Stella Nera is a self-governing restaurant (without any boss). What do they propose? Traditional italian cuisine and totally vegan! To taste neapolitan pizza!

5 Black Sheep Cafe 

Bouchéstraße 15, 12435 Berlin, Germany

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Kombucha lovers here’s the place to eat vegan in Berlin that you can’t miss! This small and beautiful restaurant serves sandwiches, coffee and fermented food like sauerkraut and kimchi. Ah, and it’s also the headquarter of the Berlin Kombucha Society!

Have you ever been to one of these places, or do you have more to recommend?
Write us in the comments!

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