The city where green reigns!

Amsterdam was a unique experience. Although it’s a relatively small town, we’ve found a lot of choice of food. Here’s the best restaurants where to eat vegan in Amsterdam!

Leggilo in italiano!

1 The Dutch Weed Burger Joint

Nicolaas Beetsstraat 47, Amsterdam 

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Burgers made of real Kombu seaweed and a “wish-and-chips” to lick your mustache!
The only place where even junk food is healthy!

2 Vegan Junk Food Bar

Marie Heinekenplein 9-10, Amsterdam

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Burger lovers we found your paradise!
Here you can find delicious fats food vegan and two floors cheeseburgers!

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3 Wok to Walk

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It’s not vegan, but you can have your custom wok. Ideal for a quick snack!

4 Vegabond

Leliegracht 16, Amsterdam

A beautiful cafe including a mini shop of vegan products. The perfect place to enjoy a lunch with channel view!

5 Candy Freaks

Nieuwe Hoogstraat 4 A, Amsterdam

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A candy store that has it for all tastes, even vegan!
Don’t miss the gummy bears!

6 Juice Brothers

Raamsteeg 2, Amsterdam

If you love bowls (both sweet and salty) and fresh clod pressed extracts this is the place for you!

7 TerraZen Centre

19 hs Sint Jacobstraat, Amsterdam

Just a few minutes from the Dam square, this small family-run cafe offers a japanese-caribbean cuisine in vegan key. One of the most beautiful places where to eat vegan in Amsterdam!

Have you tried one of these restaurants, or do you have more to recommend?
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