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This year, we’ve been in Prague from 14 to 17 august, 4 days, which allowed us to visit this magnificent city.
In this article I’ll make a list of 10 things to do in Prague for free or almost.

Leggilo in italiano!


 1 Take a break on the Střelecký Ostrov island

The first of the things to do in Prague for free is definitely have a snack on the Střelecký Ostrov island. This small island is very romantic because of its beautiful gardens. It won’t be hard for you to find a spot in the shade even on the hottest days. In addition, you can rent a nice paddle boat of all shapes.

2 Take a romantic walk on the Charles Bridge

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At the second place of the list of the things to do in Prague for free, we find the romantic walk along the Charles Bridge. That’s, the oldest bridge in the city and the most beautiful place in Prague.

3 Visit the Kampa island

Did you know that Prague has the second most beautiful urban island in the world?
I absolutely had to insert her in the list of things to do in Prague for free. So reach the island, admire her beauty, relax a little and if you want you can also visit Kampa museum, which in its interior exhibits several works of Czech artists.

P. S.: Don’t miss the path of penguins…

4 Enjoy a sunset on the Starbuck’s terrace 

In fourth place of the list of things to do in Prague for free, I put the view from the Starbuck’s terrace that you meet up to the Prague Castle.

5 Take a walk into the Lètna Park

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At the sixth things to do in Prague for free there’s the fantastic Lètna park, located at the end of the Czech bridge.
Inside, you can find the famous shoe monument and you can also enjoy an incredible view of the city.

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6 See the city from the Petrin tower

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If you like to observe cities from above, surely for you one of the things to do in Prague for free is, with no doubt, seeing the “eastern Florence” from the top of the Petrin tower. But, attention, this difficult task is reserved only for those who have the courage to exceed 300 steps. You still feel it?!

7 See the murals along the wall of Lennon

The attraction number 7 of things to do in Prague for free, is a visit to Lennon’s wall, where you can photograph many works of writers from all over the world.

8 Painting your city postcard *

At the position number 8 on my list of things to do in Prague for free I put the 100 Street-painters project: the fantastic project of the yesister7. Two super nice sisters who have the purpose of turning you into a painter.
Discover more about the project on their socials!

9 Take a ride on the funicular *

The Number 9 of the things to do in Prague free, is to take the funicular that’s from the wall of Lennon takes you to the top of the Petrin hill (right where is the tower), along the track Ujezd – Nebozízek – Petřín.
Prepare your camera because you’re going to enjoy an amazing view, especially in the early hours of darkness!

* the funicular is free only with transport subscription!

10 See the city from the seventh floor of the Dancing House *

The last, but not less important thing in the list of things to do in Prague for free, is absolutely the view from the terrace of the 7th floor of the Dancing House. How do you get there?
Come in with “nonchalance” and take the elevator to the restaurant, search for a flight of stairs and climb still to find a bar where thanks to a consummation you will be able to access the terrace with fantastic views (among other things for only 99 crowns you can buy good vegan cookies!)

I hope this guide will help you during your visit to Prague. If you have any advice or if I forgot any activity, write me in the comments.
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