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Wok-made food has always been the most loved “quick food“. Choose the type of pasta, the ingredients, the sauces, wait 5 minutes and have your box of delicious steaming noodles in your hand. Now it is widespread and appreciated all over the world, thanks to the fact that you can customize your dish, and this is lucky especially for us vegans. In fact, just choose a type of noodles with no egg and specify not to even want them in the pot, after which you just choose vegetable ingredients, and here there is usually a lot of choice: vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and dried fruits, in short, an excellent complete dish!
There are many of these in most cities, in this article I collected the 5 best wok bars in Europe!

Leggilo in Italiano!

1 Wok-to-walk


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It’s one of the most famous wok bar chains in Europe. You can find it in Holland, Spain, Czech Republic and also in Italy. You can choose from various types of noodles, from undon to integral ones, choose your vegetable ingredients, and your box will be ready in the bat of an eye. You will appreciate it especially in Amsterdam, perfect to quell the sudden hunger attacks!

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2 Buddha Express Thai Wok Bar


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This chain is exclusively located in Budapest. There are different types: some offer wok meals only, others also do Thai and Japanese cuisine, with more complex dishes and sushi. Our favorite is the one in the ruin pub area near the Szimpla, perfect to end a nice evening!

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3 Let’s Wok


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Let’s Wok is one of the most famous and appreciated wok bars in Milan. Despite being a fairly small restaurant, it relies on first quality ingredients and impeccable service. The best thing is they offer already made recipes with perfectly matched ingredients, including a fully vegan wok!

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4 Ming Wok


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Widespread especially in Poland, this wok bar, in addition to noodles, offers a wide selection of Thai cuisine. Its soups will warm your heart even in the harsh winter of Poland.

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5 Paw Wok Bar


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The Paw Wok bar is the most beautiful and appreciated in all of Vienna. It offers a wide range of wok-meals, soups, salads and drinks. As always, it’s not difficult to have vegan options, just ask!

Have you ever tried one of these wok bars? do you have any others to suggest?
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