In this article I would like to talk about the Interflix, the new package (very advantageous) proposed by Flixbus. It’s been available for several months, but talking about my last trip, I’ve noticed that many people don’t know this amazing opportunity,

Leggilo in italiano!

For example: this week I took part in an aperitif in Milan, organized by the guys from “Zaini in Viaggio”, with the aim of socializing face-to-face with travelers from the community of their facebook group. It was a beautiful and inspiring experience. But one thing left me puzzled, while I was telling about my trip to the people, most of them asked me about the Inteflix. Is it convenient? But it costs really 99 euros? Etc…

Aperitivo Zaino In Viaggio Interflix

Now I will try to answer all these questions trying to be as clear as possible, if this guide is useful and you are going to buy an Interflix, I ask you kindly to use this link. You will not pay more but through a very small percentage of your purchase you’ll finance this blog.

Besides, if I’ll buy your trip from here, I’ll be happy to follow you in the organization of your journey. Just write me on [email protected]

What’s Interflix?

Interflix is nothing more than a sort of interrail, but it’s structured in a somewhat different way.

With Only 99 euros you will receive a package of 5 trips that will allow you to travel in 4 different cities.

To us, this fantastic product, has allowed us to see, in a single journey of two weeks: Prague, Amsterdam and Berlin spending something like 650 euro per head for everything (Travel, accommodation, food, activities and souvenirs).

Try to imagine how many journeys you could make in a year if you only use it for summer and winter holidays. By making an approximate calculation from 5 TO 8 cities a year, wouldn’t it be a dream?

How Interflix works?

Flixbus has put “rules” on trips that can be booked with the Interflix pass.

  • First, you can’t make a return trip (for example: if you leave Milan, you can’t do MILAN – BERLIN – MILAN). But you have to enter another city between Berlin and Milan.
  • The second rule is that you must conclude your reservation within 90 days (3 months) or your pass will expire.
  • The third and last of these “rules” is that you can only book travel with direct routes (without change). On the site and on the app, the direct routes are indicated with a green circle (with an exclamation point) near the departure time.

The German company did not foresee only restrictions, in fact, with the pass Interflix, not only you can change the tickets up to 15 minutes before departure * but you can bring with you extra baggage compared to those who book an ordinary ticket (not bad, yeah?)

* as far as the ticket exchange is concerned, I suggest you always call about an hour before, because customer care is very competent, but they don’t respond immediately (Personal Experience). Think before you make a change, because the tickets can be changed, all five, but once (which still is a good thing)!

How can I buy my pass?

To get your pass, you just have to go to this site and after you choose the amount of Interflix you want to buy and press “cart”. In the next screen you will need to fill out a form with passenger, date and enter an email where you will receive the 5 codes.

Guide Intrflix

While you’re booking your journey, you must ensure that the journey you have chosen is without change. As you can see in the image below only the bus that leaves at 17 and 30 is part of the Interflix package.
Once you have selected the journey (direct) click on “book a place”.

Guide Intrflix

The next screen will be the one you see below. The only thing you have to do is insert one of the codes inside the box “redeem voucher”. So the total will be equalize and you will get your ticket saved on the app and in your email address.

Guide Intrflix

Is it comfortable to travel with Flixbus?

It’s very convenient to travel with Flixbus because all the buses on which I travelled, allowed to sleep comfortfly. Yeah, because to save time and money we decided to travel only at night!
Also on every bus you can find electric sockets, Wifi, coffee and snacks (for sale) and the bathroom. What can you ask for more?

It really costs only 99 euros?

Absolutely yes, thanks to such a low price, me and Yuliya were able to make a trip in 3 European Capitals spending really little (650 euros per person), using for accommodation and eating always out because we were shooting videos for Vegan Travel!

Imagine how much you could save for your travels in Europe using services such as Couchsurfing or the Housesitting to cancel accommodation costs, which are often the most relevant in our travel budgets.

I hope this article was useful, I remind you that if you’re going to buy an Interflix, use this link.

You will not pay more but through a very small percentage of your purchase you will finance this blog.

Besides, if I you buy it from here, I’ll be happy to follow you in the organization of your journey. Just write me on [email protected]

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