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When one thinks of Spain, images of sunny beaches, cobble stoned streets echoing the sound of flamenco and people sipping sangría in beautiful plazas come to mind. In essence, one thinks of Sevilla. It’s quintessential Spain, ancient, lively and has all the Spanish cultural staples. But is it possible to eat vegan in a city that is so obsessed with seafood and jamón? The answer is a resounding, YES!

I’ve been living plant-based in Sevilla for about three months and here are my eating recommendations:

1. Veganitessen

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Located in a market in the city center, this was the first ‘all vegan‘ restaurant in the city and it is also my own personal favorite. It only opens for breakfast and lunch, however they’ve got an excellent menu. Breakfast is economic and they offer coffee, juices, toast and tofu scrambles. The lunch menu is larger with a variety of appetizers, burgers, hot dogs and other more elaborate dishes. I like to go at lunch time and order the nachos to start with, kebab and any of their ever-changing desserts. It should be your first food stop when getting to Sevilla and the last food stop on your way onward.

2. Ofelia Bakery

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The Ofelia Bakery isn’t exclusively vegan but has daily vegan options and they’re EXCELLENT. Go in the morning, enjoy a soy milk latte, some toast with avocado if you fancy it and definitely try a muffin or dessert bread or cake. You can’t go wrong, they do it all well!

3. VeganEat

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VeganEat is an awesome take-away, hole in the wall next to La Alameda de Hercules. It’s open for lunch but I love it because it opens til late. La Alameda is a great place to go out at night, so when I’m out with friends and they go to get kebabs or a slice of pizza, I go to VeganEat and get a vegan hot dog. It makes it super easy to get rid of the late-night drunken vegan munchies!

4. Gaia Centro Ecologico

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Gaia is an organic supermarket with a small restaurant next door carrying the same name. I’m often at the supermarket buying those essentials that regular supermarkets just don’t offer. The restaurant next door is great, with old-school vegan/vegetarian dishes like bulgar with veggies, mushroom ‘meatballs’ with tomato sauce and other stir-fry type dishes. I recommend trying the triple vegan sandwich with tempeh, veggies and pesto.

5. No Piqui

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Located in the north end of La Alameda de Hercules is No Piqui. It’s not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant but has menu options for both. I love it because the kitchen is open all day, they’ve got great coffee, fresh juices and a bomb vegan pizza.

6. Cocome

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Cocome is a cafe with many vegan options. It is very focused on healthy food, offering breakfasts, smoothies, wraps and salads. Fresh ingredients with  friendly staff, this is a great place for a healthy, delicious meal.

Sevilla is a city of roughly 1.5 million people and even though Spain isn’t exactly a vegan’s paradise, there are still a lot of options in this city. Verdetariano is in the north and has an ever-changing and appetising menu. El Enano Verde is next to the Feria market and it has a fully vegan menu that changes often as well. I could go on and on. I had never lived in a city with so many vegan options so, needless to say, I’ve been having a blast exploring this breathtaking city. It is definitely definitely worth a visit.
Let me know if you´re visiting, I’ll meet you at the counter of Veganitessen for a beer and a burger.

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Vegan expat from Michigan but currently living in Sevilla. I'm an ESL teacher that spends his free time cooking, writing and seeking out incredible food. Anthony Bourdain super fan.

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