Barrio Del Carmen is the historic district of Valencia, and for me, it’s also the most beautiful part of the city. You never get bored when you are there and it’s perfect to visit at any time of the day: during the day you can take a tour around Mercado Central, sip a Horchata (yes, it’s vegan) or enjoy the shows of street artists, at night time (people in Valencia go out very late, around 22:00) you can enjoy excellent tapas, order a cocktail in one of the many alternative clubs or simply walk around its picturesque narrow streets. But the thing I enjoyed the most was discovering the many graffiti that decorate the walls of the whole neighborhood.

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Up until a few years ago, Barrio of Carmen was one of Valencia’s most decadent neighborhoods, but it was saved by street art, which turned this part of the city into a real open-air museum in continuous development . We don’t know much about the origin of its graffiti, but at some point in the mid-90s a crew of some real artists was born, each with their own style, who gave a new face to the neighborhood.

Nowadays, el arte callejero, urban art, is openly appreciated and promoted by public authorities, thanks to town redevelopment and an increase in the tourist flow, which has taken over the whole area, making Barrio of Carmen the most alive and appreciated part of the city by young people from all over the world.

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During our journey, thanks to Airbnb, we were lucky enough to stay in the heart of Barrio del Carmen. Our apartment was in front of one of the most beautiful and famous graffiti, from which the tours leading to the discovery of valencian street art begin, “El Beso” by Luis Lonjedo.

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There are many artists who decorated the walls, shutters, road signs and any part of the city that can be decorated. One of my favorites is Julieta Xlf, as she always uses very bright colors and her style is inspired by japanese manga: amazing animals, sweet girls, rainbows, beautiful plants and bicycles characterize her works.


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Another artist I very much appreciated is Deih. His style is similar to that of Julieta Xlf because there are always fantastic elements in his works,however, Deith is different in that she is much more macabre and mysterious, she paints monsters, aliens, mummies and much more, but always in bright colurs, which gives a surreal and amazing atmosphere to all her works.


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If while walking through the streets of Barrio del Carmen you  happen to stumble upon a super bright colored graffiti (like orange or electric blue), with geometric shapes and details reminiscent of Aztec art but at the same time for some reason it reminds you of a painting by Picasso, then you just came across a work by Disneylexya. Her style is unique, every work is unmistakable.


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But it must also be remembered that street art is a forbidden art, an art against the rules, which in addition to being a form of expression,  is also a form of protest. And this is where we find Escif, also known as the “spanish Banksy”, every graffiti is always  attached to a message of protest against society, politics and everything else that isn´t right.


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However, if street art is your passion, you should know that in Valencia there are many tours that deal with Urban Art only. You can easily find them on the internet, but if you prefer to do the tour on your own ,you´ll find a map below which highlights the most famous and known works.


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