Yuliya Ivashchenko, Author at Herbivore Trips

Yuliya Ivashchenko

Self-taught kitchen enthusiast from Ukraine. Loves to read and veganize / invent recipes. Vegan for animals, believes that the most important change occurs within ourselves. She decided to create this blog with Youcef to show that the vegan lifestyle is anything but full of renunciations!
5 best wok bars in Europe Europe

Wok-made food has always been the most loved “quick food”. Choose the type of pasta, the ingredients, the sauces, wait 5 minutes and have your box of delicious steaming noodles…

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Where to eat vegan in Valencia Spain

Valencia was a real discovery, especially at food level. Many, many vegan places or almost and with a truly surprising and innovative offer. Four days wasn’t enough to try all…

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Where to eat vegan in Monza Italy

Monza is one of the most picturesque cities in the Milan’s province. The Royal Villa with its park, Rose Garden, the circuit and the downtown with colourful houses. I mean,…

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Where to eat Warsaw Poland

” The vegan Warsaw you don’t expect!” Warsaw was a surprising experience. Unlike what you might think is a city full of interesting places and things to do. Vegan choice…

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