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Hi, we are Yuliya and Youcef, two guys from Milan with a true passion: travel to discover the world.
Together we founded Herbivore Trips: a community of vegan travellers born to help those who choose to travel totally cruelty free.

In the site you will find tips on where to eat vegan, places to visit and much more…

But first, are you curious to find out how we got here?

The Beginning

Donut Shop Where To Eat In Prague

It’s the summer of 2015 when we decide to take our first trip out of Italy and after various research on the net, we find the destination for us: Budapest.
A city that will make us fall in love. Thanks to its architecture, its castle but above all thanks to the Danube that dyes it blue.

After Budapest, we continue to turn our beautiful country. Florence, Monza and most of Liguria.

The Vegan Breakthrough

In January 2016, everything changes. Youcef decides to take the step that his conscience commands: to remove from his life any product derived from the exploitation of animals, so from day to day, Yuliya will follow him in this path to completely eliminate any animal derivative in March 2016.

Youcef at the dutch burger amsterdamThe same year, thanks to the strength that gives us change, we decide to create a website where we share our passion for cooking, technology and ecology. So, on 24th August, we bought the domain and “Nyama Vegazine” was born. Which will be officially presented on 13th March 2017.

On August 13 we leave for an adventure around Europe: in two weeks we visit Prague, Amsterdam and Berlin. A truly inspiring journey for us, so much that while we were in the common room of our accommodation in Berlin (always on August 24th), we decide to focus on our greatest passion: the travel.
And this is how Herbivore Trips was born!

The Community

After about a year of experiments, we started thinking big: why content with a travel blog, let’s start a community!
Will it be easy?
What if we’re not ready?
In the end with a thousand questions in the head we tried and in October 2018 we met the first HERBIVORE TRAVELER!

The H-Team

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