Alternative furniture, cheerful and festive people, music, fun and above all an atmosphere of simplicity and confidence. How can you not fall in love with ruin pubs?

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1 Szimpla Kert

Kazinczy utca, 14

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This is the really first ruin pub in Budapest. Created within an abandoned factory, the Szimpla is a maze distributed on two floors, with a large garden in the middle and numerous bars where to have a drink or smoke a shisha!

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2 Instant

Acàcfa utca, 49-51

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And here’s the beautiful ruin pub with the tree at the center of the dancefloor! Its huge tree and the majestic owl hanging on the wall, make it look like an enchanted forest, thanks also to the really unique music that usually plays its Djs!

3 Corvintető

Blaha Lujza tèr, 1-2

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Located on the roof of the Corvin mall, Corvinteto is Budapest’s most underground ruin pub. Characterized by a dark but comfortable environment, economic but good beer and music mostly techno and drum and bass, it’s the club that definitely offers the most beautiful view on Pest.

4 Grandio Party Hostel

Nagy Diòfa utca, 8

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Grandio is an hostel and a ruin pub too, who organizes events and themed parties. Now you know where to stay in Budapest with a company of friends (rooms can also contain 16 people). You’re welcome.

5 Anker’t

Paulay Ede utca, 33

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The Anker’t is one of Budapest’s largest and fashionable ruin pub. Characterized by nice places to eat, minimal design and almost magical atmosphere, it offers the best Djs in the city and evenings dedicated to slam poetry. Anker’t also hosts a vegan Sunday market once a month, you can find out more informations on their official facebook page!

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