For Christmas holidays we opted for a nice trip to Budapest. We’ve been there from 25 to 28 december, 4 days that may seem few, but still allowed us to enjoy this city. So, here are 10 things to do for free in Budapest!

Leggilo in italiano!

1 Enjoy the view from Citadella 

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As soon as you get to Budapest you have to visit its Citadel. From that height you can enjoy a spectacular view on Pest, with a clear day you can see everything: Parliament, the Synagogue, the Budapest Eye (the symbolic panoramic wheel) and of course the Danube with all its bridges!

2 Admire the Chain Bridge’s lions 

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Once you find it, you understand why it’s one of the symbols of the city. This bridge is truly spectacular, dominated by its lions who seem to peer to passers-by!

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3 Discover the beauty of the Fisherman’s Bastion 

Due to the strategic position, its architecture and the fact that the dominant color is white, this place is so magical and beautiful, that it looks like an authentic elvish city. Fishermen’s Bastion is the perfect place to relax and take gorgeous photos, and that’s also why it deserves a place in my list of 10 things to do for free in Budapest!

4 Go shopping in the Central Market 

In addition to being a beautiful building, the Central Market in Budapest is really provided! On the ground floor you can find fruits, vegetables and spices, while on the first floor you can admire the true works of typical crafts of Hungary! How could a place like this not deserve a place on the list of 10 things to do for free in Budapest?

5 Shoes on the Danube Bank

A simple but impact opera, Shoes on the Danube is definitely reflecting. This artistic installation represents the victims of World War II.

6 Take a bike ride on the Margaret Island 

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This island is the treasure of Budapest. By leasing a bike you can explore the nicest spots and enjoy the musical fountain!

7 Solve the Anonymous mistery 

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It is said that anyone who touches the tip of the statue’s pen will find artistic inspiration or have luck in its career!
Would you try?

8 Have a pic nic on the Kopaszi Gat beach 

Kopaszi gat is a very picturesque town peninsula. With the beach renovated just a year ago, it’s the perfect place (also preferred by the citizens) to make picnic, or simply enjoy a beautiful sunny day, thanks also to the many restaurants and kiosks in the area. Not to be missed especially for those who visit Budapest in summer!

9 Walk in the Heroes Square 

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The Heroes Square is the largest and most beautiful in Budapest, if you go straight you can find  the historic Andràssy Avenue leading straight to the Danube. A walk not to be missed!

10 Take a tour of the Ruin Pubs 

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All the ruin pubs of the city are worth at least a visit because the entrance is free and the consummation is not mandatory. In any case, it is also worth consuming especially to taste the famous palinka, typical liquor!

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Have you visited one of these places or do you have more to advise us?
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